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Handy Thermal Camera COVID19 3


The HANDY THERMAL CAMERA COVID19 3 is a portable device that quickly detects temperatures in people above 37 degrees. Its flexibility makes it an insurmountable tool to control diseases such as coronavirus.


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The HANDY THERMAL CAMERA COVID19 3 is a fully portable device that can detect temperatures in people above 37 degrees quickly. Its flexibility and practicality make it an insurmountable element for controlling and registering diseases such as the coronavirus.
The HANDY THERMAL CAMERA COVID19 3 works with a high-precision artificial intelligence algorithm and has an internal battery that allows it to run for 24 hours. It can also be connected to an external screen and record high quality video that can be viewed on the built-in 3.5 ”screen. Thanks to its advanced technology, you can obtain precision readings at distances ranging from 2 to 5 meters. Its characteristics make it a fundamental tool for the control of people who may be carriers of the coronavirus.
• Commercial complexes
• Airports
• Subway stations, trains and buses
• Schools
• Factories
• Oil companies
• Mining
• Military facilities
• Government buildings
• Hospitals
• Etc.
Technical features
• High precision speed measurement
• Fully portable and practical
• Internal battery of 24 hours of autonomy
• Quick contactless check to avoid cross infection
• High precision measurement algorithm
• Connection to TV or monitor by VIDEO OUT
• Detection distance 2 to 5 meters

Resolution 384X288
Precision ≤0.6° C
CCD 3.2 million pixels
Operating temperature 0°-40°C
Temperature range 20°C – 50° C
LCD 3.5” LCD


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